Titi II

S/V Titi III

I am the second owner of Titi 2. The original owner, Virgil, bought this boat on November 13th, 1974, 25 years before I found it for sale in Keels&Wheels for $5600. I watched and waited as new issues came out and the price came down to $4850, within my 'under five grand' requirement. My grandfather had given me one-thousand dollars as a graduation present, which I planned to use as a downpayment. One day my parents and I drove across Florida to take a less-than 3 hour tour of the boat, which sports many owner-modifications from her 25 years of service- I was sold. I was only 18, and there was nobody who could co-sign for me, so I couldn't get a bank loan. I called Virgil and asked if he would finance the boat for me, one-thousand down and three-hundred a month for just over a year, and he agreed to do it. I mailed him the check and he mailed me the title. The plan was to accumulate the necessary cruising provisions as quickly as possible, find a knowlegble crew, and spend some vacation time sailing Titi 2 around Florida to Tampa Bay. I came very close to accomplishing this goal once- I had a $50/day crew lined up, all the gear bought and packed, and the date set to leave. When that day arrived I packed everything into the van and gave my crew a call to tell him to be ready to leave. He told me to turn on the weather channel..... Hurricane Lenny would be bashing my boat in just a few hours! The trip was canceled and the next time I was ready my crew was on a sailboat race to Mexico for a month or longer. That summer I got a 2nd job and bought a new trailer for $2,500. My dad and I drove across the state and trailered Ti-Ti II home.

Here is a list of equipment that came with the boat