Seafarer 34

L.O.A. 33'9"
L.W.L. 25'6"
Beam 10'0"
Draft 3'9" (c/b), 5'3" (keel)
Headroom 6'3.5"
Displacement 12,300 lbs (c/b), 11,700 lbs (keel)
Ballast 4,800 lbs (c/b), 4,760 lbs (keel)
Sail Area 502 sq. ft. (sloop), 559 sq. ft. (yawl)
Vertical Clearance 44'6"
Berths 5-6-7-8
I.O.R. rating 24.3' (est.) (c/b), 24.8' (est.) (keel)
Hull Laminate Alternating layers of 1.5 oz. matt and woven roving hand laid up fiberglass, maximum 14b layers on centerline, 7/8" thickness.

McCurdy & Rhodes. The most important requirement of any sailboat is sailing performance- ease of handling, safety, seaworthiness, speed. Other considerations should come second. Top sailing performance is a result of design. McCurdy and Rhodes, designers of the Seafarer 34, are world famous naval architects having produced such famous race winners as CARINA, KAHILI, ZEST, and SITZMARK. Their proven record of success is your assurance of sailing satisfaction and long-term value.

Classic Deck. The Seafarer 34 Classic deck offers a beautiful, balanced profile which has timeless appeal. The side decks are extra wide to promote easy movement forward. The cockpit is low, yet visibility is excellent. A dodger can be attached to the Sea-Flair wraparound spray to provide extra cockpit protection.

Keel Hull. The high performance, modern Seafarer 34 keel hull is simple, strong and efficient. Upwind sailing is faster than with the centerboard hull- because the keel shape has superior fairing and no open centerboard slot. Handling is easy because the rudder and skeg are deep and far aft and thus highly effective. Upwind sailing is faster then with the centerboard hull- because the keel shape has superior fairing and no open enterboard slot.

Centerboard Hull. The great advantage of the centerboard hull, apart from faster downwind speed, is that it can be sailed in shallow areas where deep keel boats just can't go. This opens up new cruising and mooring areas for a boat the size of the Seafarer 34. And, since the centerboard on the Seafarer 34 can be removed from outside the boat with no risk of a leak, maintenance is no problem.

Sloop Rig Simplicity and efficiency characterize the cloop rig. This boat also has the most economical rig. Roller or jiffy reefing makes shortening the mainsail easy. Roller furling can be utilized to quickly and easily take care of the jib. A club foot rig is available to make the jib self tending.

Yawl Rig Divided rigs have been recomended for many years for offshore sailors. When sail area must be reduced a mizzen and jib make a balanced rig. Conversely in light airs a yawl rig offers the opportunity to increase sail area with a mizzen staysail. It's fun to sail a yawl-and sooner or later the versatility of this rig will pay off.

Girder-Bonded Fiberglass Structure. Seafarer was one of the first producers of fiberglass sailboats and has 18 years experience with fiberglass construction. It is long experience which enables Seafarer to make its unique garauntee: we garauntee the fiberglass structure of your Seafarer as long as you own it. The layup specification of each major part of the Seafarer fiberglass structure is appropriate to the stress requirements of that part of the structure. All Seafarer hulls are hand layup using alternating layers of mat and woven roving fiberglass. Interiors are one-piece fiberglass designed to provide an element of give when a major impact occurs yet with the strength necessary to restrain hull deflection. The unique Seafarer hull-deck joint is made by building a box section fiberglass girder around the entire sheer line integral with both hull and deck moldings. A teak cap is fastened to the top of the girder. The result is a good looking toe rail which accentuates the beautiful lines of the boat, yet is extrememly strong, completely leakproof and requires absolutely no maintenace- ever.

Sea-Lux Interior Finish. All surfaces in Seafarer interiors are smooth, beautiful and easy to maintain. Wood trim is solid teak. Wood panels are finished using a sophisticated vacuum form vinyl clad process using 240 degrees of heat and 38 lbs per square inch of pressure. This modern process results in panel surfaces which have three times the abrasion resistance of Formica, yet retains the texture and grain colors of natural teak. The interiors of all lockers are smooth fiberglass lined to stay dry and clean, permanently free of condensation and dirt. This is Sea-Lux, beautiful to look at and even better to live with!

Interior 1

You can race or cruise anywhere on the Seafarer 34...comfortably. In this plan the dinette is U-shaped. This makes the most of the spacious main cabin, and with the optional fold-over table top, provides comfortable seating all around the table. There are 6 berths, including the convertible dinette and all berths are over 6'3" long. Very usefull lockers and shelves are provided port and starboard flanking the main cabin outboard, and there are lockers under the berths, to make the most of all available storage space. A toilet-shower-dressing room has separate entry doors from the main cabin and forward stateroom. Another door provides access to the forward cabin. Excellent ventilation is provided by transparent topped amidships hatches over the main and forward cabins and by optional all-weather Dorade ventilators to port and starboard over the main cabin. Headroom in the main cabin is 6'2" yet the cabin trunk is low and sleek. The helmsman has excellent visibility over the cabin trunk from the cockpit.

Interior 2

The dinette in the main cabin is altered to a bulkhead folding table arrangement. As in the other layouts there are 2 additional folding berths to port and starboard in the main cabin. The hull outboard of all the berths is double panelled to provide an attractive appearance and effective insulation. The toilet room is equipped with a teak grating, an optional horizontal 30" long medicine cabinet with sliding doors and a shelf over the the medicine cabint. The entire toilet room structure is one-piece, easy-clean fiberglass. The huge cockpit is 8'3" long and is "T" shaped to provide maximum sitting space and to take full adventage of optional wheel steering. The cockpit seats are deep with high backrests for all-day sailing comfort and all-weather protection. The cockpit coamings incoporate a wraparound spray rail forward. There are four optional lockers under the cockpit seats.

Interior 3

This layout adds a fixed chart table to port with an additional hanging locker aft of that. There is a large shelf for navigation gear outboard of the chart table. As in the other layouts, a top opening icebox is located to starboard aft of the stove. 8 feet of lockers with sliding doors surround the galley which is L-shaped and located so that it is convinient to both the cockpit and the dinette. More lockers are under the galley. The sink is close to the centerline where it will drain quickly on all points of sailing. An entirely separate, optional icebox for beverages is located to port of the companion steps. As in the other plans, the forward cabin includes a hanging locker, 2 single berths which convert to a huge double berth by raising a center seat to berth heigh postition, lockers under the berths and shelves to port and starboard over the berths.


Construction. Solid, one piece fiberglass construction using high tensile woven roving for stress distribution, impact resistance and flexural strength. Entire hull, deck, and complete interior accommodation structure of reinforced fiberglass Girder-Bonded into a one piece structure of immense permanent strength. Hull molded with an integral fiberglass "backbone" to resist bending loads of race-taut head/back stays. Sandwich construction deck using end-grain balsa core for lightness and maximum stiffness. Deck structurally laminated to hull. Seafarer easy clean non-skid pattern on all walked-on surfaces. Dorade vent boxes, full cockpit length, competition-size sheet winch base/coamings and Sea-Flair wraparound spray rail molded integrally with deck. Recessed cove stripe. ColorSpectrum unlimited optional choice of hull, cove stripe and boot top colors.

Ballast. 4,800 lbs. (c.b), 4,760 lbs. (keel) lead ballast. Custom cast and individually weighted by Seafarer, structurally laminated to hull.

Centerboard Trunk and Centerboard. Fiberglass centerboard trunk integral with hull on centerboard model. Hydrodynamically streamlined, reinforced fiberglass centerboard. Stainless steel pennant tube. Centerboard is worm gear winch operated.

Rig. Modern, powerful masthead rig. Sloop is standard, yawl rig optional.

Chainplates and Tracks. Chainplates 3/16" and 1/2" polished typ 304 stainless steel through bolted. Genoa and traveler tracks, if installed, hard anodized 6061-T6 aluminum alloy with stainless steel bolts.

Deck Fittings. Solid burnished bronze and stainless steel throughout. Two 10" bow cleats, two 8" stern cleats, two 8" jib sheet cleats, two working jib sheet blocks on bronze deck eyes, main sheet block with cam cleat. Provision for two Dorade optional ventilators on cabin top. All hardware through-bolted. All fastenings stainless steel.

Joinerwork. Yacht quality joinerwork in selected Burma teak and teak grain finish throughout. Teak toe-rails, taffrail and entry trim. All exterior parts joined to deck with stainless steel fastenings. Sea-Lux interior with bulkheads, counter tops, locker doors, trim etc., in teak grain with wood surfaces protected by vinly fused to wood with heat and pressure. Interiors of all lockers insulated from hull and isolated from dirt and damp by mirror smooth fiberglass liners. Lockers under berths. Interior joiner hardware chrome plated

Galley. stainles steel galey sink. top loading 150 lb. galley icebox. Optional separate beverage icebox to port under navigator's seat. Stainless steel alcohol 2 burner recessed stove or optional 3 burner gimbaled stove with oven. Lockers outobard of galley and under galley.

Upholstery. Choice of Hercolon Scotch Guard tweed upholstery for the berths. Berth cushions and dinette seat backs are polyfoam and the covers have zippers. Dinette fill cushion and double berth conversion cushion for the cabin are standard. Cabin carpet and double track curtains for all windows standard.

Hatches and Ports. Reinforced fiberglass main companion hatch sliding on aluminum tracks. Aluminum forward and amidships hatches, each with rubber compression gasket, twin screw locks, opening adjuster, and tinted lexan top. Teak grain closure boards on main entry. Aluminum entril sill strip. Three large, well-scuppered sail locker hatches in cockpit. ABS rim plexiglass ports. All cabin hatches lockable. Four optional lockers in cockpit coamings.

Spars and Rigging. Mast, boom and spreaders 6061-T6 heat-treated aluminum- the strongest, most weather resistant alloy available -custom made in our own shops. All mast fittings including masthead, type 304 stainless steel. Heavy duty gooseneck on boom. Standing rigging 1/4" x 1 x 19 stainless steel, custom swaged by Seafarer. Turnbuckles 1/2" forged bronze or stainless steel open type with positive lock. Halyards 3/16" 7x19 stainless steel, with Dacron tails. Dacron mainsheet, jib sheet, boomlift, outhaul and downhaul with all necessary blocks. Flag halyard to mast head. Blocks maintenance-free light weight black anodized aluminum or stainless.

Rudder and Tiller. An internal fiberglass skeg is ahead of the rudder for sailing efficiency and easy tracking. Rudder of reinforced fiberglass-will never rot, split or warp. Stainless steel rudder post, top bearing, and heel fitting welment. Custom bronze hinged tiller fitting. Tiller beautifully laminated in woods of contrasting color. All underwater parts carefully faired to minimize drag. Wheel steering optional.

Plumbing. Quick-action bronze seacocks on all below water line openings. All hose clamps stainless steel. Heavy braided outlet and cockpit scupper hoses. Installed marine toilet. Water tank 60 gallons (keel), 45 gallons (c/b) under the cabin sole and directly above the ballast where its weight is located to best advantage. Fresh water pressure system to faucets in galley and toilet room. Wash basin in toilet room integral with fiberglass vanity top. Shower sump integrally molded under toilet room sole which is fitted with a teak grating. Diaphram bilge pump. Cockpit self-bailing through large-diameter scuppers equipped with seacocks.

Electrical System. Starting system is 12v. The engine has a 35 amp alternator which charges an 86 amp heavy duty battery. Switches and fuses for each cicuit. All cabin lights have individual switches. International navigation lights are installed: port and starboard running lights, stern light, bow light and 360 degree masthead light, 6 interior lights.

Auxiliary Power. Universal Atomic 4 or Palmer M-60 engine located in accessable position under entry steps. Water cooled exhaust with Aqualift muffler. Bronze shaft fitted with narrow 2 blade propeller. Rubber cutless bearing and self aligning stuffing box. Fuel tank 20 gallons (optional larger capacity). Morse engine controls. Instrument panel accessable from cockpit. Engine compartment ventilation in accordance with Coast Guard requirements. Diesel engine optional. Inboard engine malfunction alarm system standard.

Federal Documentation. The Seafarer 34 can be federally documented and a Master Carpenter certificate will be provided on request at no extra charge with purchase of boat.

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