Seafarer 23


Draft 2'4" (shoal), 3'3" (high performancel)
Displacement 2,550 lbs.
Ballast 1,020 lbs. (875 cast lead, 145 fiberglass)
Sail Area 207 sq. ft. (main and 100% foretriangle)
Vertical Clearance 28'11"
Berths 4 or 5
M.O.R.C. rating 16.3 (est.)

Hull Laminate Alternating layers of matt and woven roving hand laid up fiberglass, maximum 6 layers on centerline, 3/8" thickness.

Construction. Solid, one-piece reinforced fiberglass construction using high-tensile woven roving engineered for stress distribution, impact resistance and flexual strength. Entire hull, deck and complete interior accommodation structure of fiberglass Girder-Bonded into a one-piece structure of immense permanent strength. Sandwich construction deck using end grain balsa core for lightness and maximum stiffness. Deck structurally laminated to hull. Resilient perimeter rub rail provides substantial collision protection. Seafarer easy-clean, non-skid pattern on all walked-on surfaces. Dorade vent boxes and full cockpit length coamings molded integrally with deck. ColorSpectrum choice of hull, deck, and waterline colors.

Ballast. Lead ballast, weight 875 lbs. plus fiberglass 145 lbs., total 1020 lbs. Lead ballast custom cast and weighed by Seafarer, structurally laminated in hull. Lead ballast makes boat stiffer and faster.

Rig. Modern, powerful masthead rig. Large foretriangle, high aspect ratio. Easy to handle.

Chainplates and Tracks. Chainplates 3/16" and 1/4" polished 18-8 stainless steel through bolted to hull structure under deck for maximum dependability and strength. Mainsail traveler track is standard. Mid-boom sheeting is available. Genoa and traveler tracks, if installed, hard anodized aluminum with stainless steel through-bolted fastenings and wide sheave sliding, pivoting lead blocks.

Deck Fittings. High strength black anodized aluminum alloy and stainless steel throughout. 8" bow, two 6" jib sheet cleats. All cleats fastened with 4 through-bolts. Lewmar #7 jib/genoa sheet winches P/S on cockpit coamings. Two custom design water trap Dorade ventilators built into cabin top provide continuous all-weather cabin ventilation. Custom stainless steel boaw and stern pulpits. Safe height USYRU regulation upper and lower lifelines with gates P/S. All fastenings stainless steel.

Joinerwork. Yacht quality joinerwork in selected Burma teak including toerails P/S, cabin top handrails P/S, main hatch trim, etc. Teak entry trim. All exterior parts joined to deck with stainless steel fastenings. Deluxe natural teak interior bulkheads, lockers, berth fronts, etc. All trim solid teak. Double hinged bulkhead mounted cabin table folds out of the way when not in use. Table is solid teak with continuous rounded raised rim around perimeter. 7' wide galley counter is Formica covered with solid teak raised edge. Solid teak companionway steps. Interior of all lockers insulated from hull and isolated from dirt and damp by mirror smooth fiberglass liners.

Cabin Layout. Forward cabin contains two 6'7" berths, convertible to a double berth with available fill cushion, and provision for shelves P/S. The toilet is located under the forward berths or can be specified in a separate, fully enclosed toilet room to port. A teak door closes off the forward cabin. Main cabin has 6'6" settee berths P/S with full length lockers with sliding access panels over and storage under the berths. On custom order, both berths slide out ot make extra wide (double) berths. A double hinged teak cabin table folds down from the bulkhead starboard. the galley is full width aft.

Galley. Galley counter 7' wide incorporates flush mount 2 burner alcohol stainless steel galley stove with removable cutting board top, self-contained ice chest with inside shelf, large stainless steel sink with rotate-to-close drain fitting, and chrome plated galley pump. Teak glass rack. Dish storage lockers under galley P/S.

Hatches and Ports. Reinforced fiberglass main hatch slides on aluminum tracks. Hinged forward hatch with tinted Lexan top, twin screw locks and opening adjuster. Safe, vented stowage locker for outboard fuel tank starboard in cockpit with hinged fiberglass top. Teak closure boards on entry. six high strength ABS rim ports, all with tinted Lexan to eliminate glare, through-bolted, entry sill custom extruded aluminum. Lockers inside coamings optional. All hatches lockable.

Spars and Rigging. Mast, boom and spreaders 6061-T6 aluminum- the strongest, most weather resistant alloy available -custom made in our own shops. All mast fittings including masthead, type 304 stainless steel. Standing rigging 5/32" 1x19 stainless steel, custom swedged by Seafarer. Turnbuckles solid stainless steel racing type with positive locking cotter pins. Racing halyards prestretched Dacron, internal in mast. Dacron mainsheet, jib sheet, and outhaul with all necessary blocks. Dacron boom lift to masthead. complete mainsail jiffy reefing gear, adjustable for multiple reefs. Blocks maintenance-free, lightweight black anodized aluminum. Mainsheet blocks ball bearing with integral cam cleat. all lines braided. Spars anodized.

Rudder and Tiller. Fiberglass rudder is carefully faired to minimize drag. Solid stainless steel 1" diameter rudder post and top bearing. Stainless steel heel fitting weldment. Tiller beautifully laminated in woods of contrasting color. The skeg ahead of the rudder is important for sailing efficiency and smooth, straight tracking. all underwater parts carefully faired to minimize drag.

Plumbing. Quick-action quarter turn bronze seacocks on all below water line openings. All hose clamps stainless steel. Fresh water piping clear plastic throughout. Cockpit self-bailing through 2 large diameter scuppers draining directly overboard. Self-contained marine toilet. Fresh water system with 12 gallon tank, large stainless steel sink, rocker action galley pump and drain with throughhull seacock. Level of water in tank can be visually checked at all times.

Electrical System. All circuits are fused and have individual switches. International navigation lights are installed; port and starboard running lights and stern light. Cabin lights are low profile design with individual switches.

Auxillary Power. Retractable transom mounted bracket for an outboard motor allows motor to raise or tilt when not in use. a safe, scuppered locker for a 6 gallon fuel tank is located under the starboard cockpit seat with hatch cover over.

Sails. Mainsail, with jiffy reefing, and working jib are standard. Sails Dacron with bags and battens.

Trailer. Trailers are available for the seafarer 23 for both high performance and shoal draft models, supplied with keep rollers, side rollers and winch for roll-off launching or when disconnected from the vehicle for easy float-off launching on any ramp of sufficient depth.

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